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The Scottish Register of Tartans is the official site as perscribed under the Scottish Register Act 2008 and is maintained by the National records of Scotland. This register contains all relevant, correct and documented statements on all the Australian Registered Tartans designed by the House of Tartans, Australia. This site contains the only true and factual information about tartan products sold by House of Tartans.

The official site can be found here: UK Tartan Register

The House of Tartans

The fascination with tartan and its traditions has encompassed the world. One Family of Scottish decent who continue to carry this on are the Johnstons. The House of Tartans are importers and stockists of tartan products, specializing in accessories and the traditional designing of State, Corporate and District Tartans for Australia. Access to over 16,000 Celtic names are available and we may be able to assist you in seeking out your family tartan. A castle

Fine Imported Products

  • Tartan Fabrics
  • Men's kilts
  • Scaves and Sashes
  • Ladies kilted skirts
  • Ties, caps and braces
  • Tam-o-shantas
  • Corporate and family tartan design
  • Australian tartans: Anglicare, Australian Defence Force Accademy, Australian National Tartan, Australian Police, Bundanoon, New South Wales, South Australian, Southwell Family Tartan, Victorian Ambulance, Victorian State, Wagga Wagga, Western Australia and Yorston.

House of Tartan also has a tartan design service for Corporate and Family tartans.

Latest Tartan: The Australian Defence Force Academy Tartan

Register Number 10856

On the 1st August 2013, the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) launched their newly registered signature tartan with a kirking of the tartan at the Duntroon Military Chapel. This new tartan will be worn by the ADFA pipe band and holds the classification of restricted to military personnel only. The Australian Defence Force Academy tartan has been designed and registered by Betty and Bradley Johnston, The House of Tartan.

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Band

The Provenance for the ADFA tartan is as follows;

The Australian Defence Force Academy is a tri-service military training establishment which provides initial officer training for the Australian Defence Force. Officer Cadets and Midshipmen undertake undergraduate university degrees across many fields, in addition to regular military training conducted by Navy, Army and Air Force. The Academy is one of the few in the world which combines Officer training across all three Services, which applies not only towards academic and military studies but their commitment towards their personal conduct, integrity and leadership.

The Academy's motto is "To Lead, To Excel".

The ADFA tartan colours and their representation, is as follows:

RED - Represents the Australian Army and is a constant reminder of the sacrifice made by personnel known as `Diggers` who have died or been wounded in their service for Australia.

DARK BLUE - Is symbolic of the Royal Australian Navy, the colour of the ocean on and under which Navy Officers and sailors have served with distinction.

LIGHT BLUE- Represents the Royal Australian Air Force and is a reminder of all the Officer Cadets, men and women who have flown in combat for Australia.

WHITE - Demonstrates the tri service nature of the Academy.

GREEN AND GOLD - Australia's National colours are symbolic and used by The Australian Defence Force. The National Colours are a constant reminder for all graduates who will go forth to serve Australia and its people.


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